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The social object of Besouro Agência de Fomento Social is the development of programs and training that ensure care for the fundamental of human existence. Basic social rights are sought, such as education, health, personal development and its surroundings, interest and citizen empowerment, as well as citizen education capable of generating opportunities.

The agency is a private public interest organization in which the capital delivered is the intellectual one - guided by the social values ​​of inclusion and well-being, it sees public-private partnerships as a way to meet social requirements.


Our Pillars

Besouro is a social development institution that carries out projects based on community education - which uses the experience of each one to generate knowledge and collective practices -, working in the areas of entrepreneurial education, education for the future of work, education for development research and data analysis.


Entrepreneurship goes beyond having a business and making sales. It encourages strategizing, planning, and problem solving

Entrepreneurial Education


With the help of the most modern digital technologies, we encourage people to be protagonists of their educational and professional present and future

Education for the Future of Work


The relationship between society and the environment must be sustainable and encompass care for people and nature

Education for Social and Environmental Development


Through research and data analysis, we seek to contribute with new discoveries, generating knowledge and human progress

Research and Data Analysis

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